My first entry

Dairy of a distance love

By the time I got concious of what I was doing it was already too late… Wrapped up in the sheets and scared as fuck I began to understand I was already in love.
At that point the only sentence that my brain could articulate was -I’m going to miss you so much- and it came out from my mouth, before I had a chance to think if I wanted him to know how I felt.
He said he’d miss me too and then I realized that we had less than six hours before he had to catch his flight to get back to London.
So I just tightened him against my chest as hard as I could.
He fell asleep on top of me, and there I was, thinking of how long I’ve waited to meet that special someone, the one that by just breathing changed my life.
He was leaving me…

Suddenly he moved and I watched him sleep for a long time but I never knew which of us was dreaming.